How Volunteering in South Africa Will Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Rest

Volunteering in South Africa will give you the opportunity to spend an extended period of time in a new country while learning about new cultures, languages and needs. Best of all, it can also make your significantly more marketable in the professional arena. Companies are eager to hire ambitious, industrious individuals who aren’t afraid to take risks and who are willing to loyally devote themselves to positive causes. Following are ways that volunteering abroad can make your resume stand out.

Through volunteering abroad, in places such as Cape Town, South Africa, you’ll be showing prospective employers that you have the ability to work outside of your comfort zone. Companies don’t just want to see that you can do your job well, they want to know whether or not you’re capable of maintaining your focus and practicing your skills in challenging and non-traditional environments. With experience from volunteering Africa on your resume, you’ll appear far more flexible, versatile and seasoned than your peers.

A willingness to work for free or for relatively nominal stipends shows companies that you enjoy what you do. This also shows a much higher level of commitment than workers who are constantly flitting from company to company in search of higher pay. This level of loyalty to your profession is something that is highly valued among employers. It indicates that you’ll remain committed to your position for reasons that extend beyond salary and benefits and that you’ll come with the inherent joy and dedication that only a person who loves his or her job can bring.

Another major benefit that you can gain by volunteering South Africa is the ability to dramatically enhance your communication skills. This is especially true if your volunteer work requires you to become bilingual or bi-literate. Even if you are volunteering, you’ll still have to learn the nuances of the local language, overcome the challenges of accents and deal with other communications issues. This will make you a better listener, a better speaker and a better writer. People who have spent time working abroad, whether for pay or in volunteer positions are often adept at speaking their thoughts and opinions clearly, listening actively and writing in a way that appeals to a broad and diverse audience.

People who choose to volunteer Cape Town, South Africa often have the benefit of experience and are invested in personal growth. These experiences are inherently rewarding and they also lend quite a bit of prospective. By living and working with people outside of your own comfort zone, you can become more cognizant and appreciative of the opportunities and benefits that you have. This also fosters a far greater willingness to capitalize on the advantages that are available to you. Your experiences outside of your country will give you the brevity that you need for exhibiting optimal work ethic and a much higher level of gratitude.

There are countless ways to make your professional resume stand out. None of these however, are as effective as South Africa. With this experience, not only will you attract more attention from prospective employers, but you’ll also have the invaluable ability to adapt your professional skills to the needs of any environment that you choose to work in.

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