Aqua-Net Pool Products: Trusted Quality and Safety Since 1972

The most important aspect of investing in a pool net or cover is choosing a trusted brand and when it comes to quality, we recommend Aqua-Net. Established in 1972, they have spent more than 40 years perfecting their pool nets, pool covers and other pool safety products. Let’s have a look at some of their products:

The Aqua-Net safety net has been around since 1972 and has a 100% success rate on drowning prevention when installed. It’s in line with international safety standards for safety nets, can be fitted and removed by one person and is able to hold more than 150kg. It has a central float to maintain its height above the water at all times and can be fitted to any shape and size pool, spa or pond. It’s available in black or blue and has a 3-year guarantee. For more information on the Aqua-Net safety net, go to

The solar blanket is not a safety cover, but it will increase you pool waters temperature by between 5 – 8 degrees celsius, extending your swimming seasons. It prevents water evaporations by around 90% while it’s in place, saving you on water costs. You’ll also save on chemical usage and electricity. Aqua-Net has 2 variations of solar blankets. The Ultra Dome, which comes with a 7-year reducing warranty and the Aqua-Bubble, which comes with a 4-year reducing warranty. For more information on solar blankets, visit

The solid safety cover by Aqua-Net is perfect if you’re looking for a solid pool cover that’s safe. Made from a PVC cover that’s supported by aluminium battens and a tamperproof lockable strapping system, it’s easy to see that this cover is durable and offers serious safety capabilities. It is able to hold the weight of a child plus two grown-ups. Aside from safety, this cover will save you on your water bill because it eliminates water evaporation, save you on pool maintenance time and costs by keeping debris and dirt out of your pool and preventing algae from forming, affording you the time to enjoy your swimming pool as much as you deserve to. It’s available in stone grey, blue brown, forest green and black.

In addition to these three products, Aqua-Net also sells the

  • Leaf-Catcha: a porous pool cover;
  • Aqua-Guard: a solid cover that eliminates 99% water evaporation and, although it will hold up to 60kg, it is not recommended as a safety cover;
  • Aqua-Fence: a safety fence fitted around your pool area;
  • Aqua-Buddy: a silicone wristband for kids that alerts you via a free app on your phone, when your child is submerged in water;
  • Edge Protector: made from a durable material, it cushions your pool’s edge, protecting hands and feet when climbing in and out of the pool and preventing serious head injuries.

To view all of the Aqua-Net products, along with more detailed information, go to pool covers best prices.

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